Established in 1907 the Ray Ranch has maintained itself as one of the most hidden jewels in the Southwest. From its flowing prairie lands to its immense canyon system to its ever present scenery the Ray Ranch will leave an ever lasting image in your mind. The sloping plains at the foothill of the Rocky Mountains meet the engulfing gorge of the Canadian River Canyon. With over 100 miles of tributary canyons winding through the Ray Ranch into the River, the Canadian River is one of the largest drain offs on the eastern slope of the Rockies. With locations on the Ranch approaching 6000 feet in elevation you can find yourself in the bottom of the gorge at an altitude of 4800 feet.

The rugged landscape leaves itself as one of the most inviting and unfound destinations for 4X4 off-road enthusiasts, extreme and intermediate mountain bikers, adventurous climbers and hikers, and campers seeking an escape from the metropolis.

The Ray Ranch is a working cattle ranch and home to Barbary sheep, black bear, mountain lion, mule deer, bob cat, and various types of fish. The ranch has predominately been used for the breeding of  Corriente Cattle. Their ability to endure extreme conditions and rugged landscape give the cattle the ability to better utilize the ranch, more so than any other breed.

The Ray Ranch in Northeastern New Mexico is  located near the village of Roy. It is conveniently located about an hour east of Angel Fire Ski Resort, 2 hours north and east from Santa Fe, New Mexico, 5 hours south of Denver, Colorado, and 2.3 hours west of Amarillo, Texas. Hike, bike, fly, or drive the Ray Ranch is sure to become one of your favorite destinations for fun and relaxation.


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